I’m going to Nigeria!!

Hey there Family and Friends!

You read that correctly! I am now an official Appointee Missionary with SIM and working my way to Jos, Nigeria!


What a year and a half it has been! Sixteen months ago I wrote a blog and announced to the world I was being called into a life of cross-cultural, overseas missions. What a road it has been! Difficult would not even begin to describe what’s been thrown at me, but I’m grateful for all the twists and turns nonetheless.

For the past year I have been blessed with time by our most gracious Heavenly Father. Time to really prepare my heart for the hard work He has set before me. Because I believe that I was intricately and intentionally created by God Himself, I also believe He knew how much healing my heart really needed from past wounds and traumas before I would be able to properly set forth on the charge He has given me. After all, I personally believe God knows us best in our suffering because He knows our suffering. I may not have admitted the secret heartache I was feeling at the time I was asked to address it but now that I am on the other side I can honestly say I am free from the slavery of my past and I am grateful for the people who recognized it and helped me walk through it!

So now, as the weather changes back to a brisk cool wind, I am preparing to head out for another two weeks of missions preparations in Charlotte, North Carolina! I am really looking forward to being back with the staff of SIM and to meet friends whom I’ve only seen through Skype!

What or Who is SIM:

SIM is a cross-cultural, interdenominational mission organization with missionaries serving in over 65 countries. SIM operates under the motto, “By Prayer.” This is something about SIM that I personally love! As Christ’s ambassador’s we have our own responsibilities in the Kingdom of God but ultimately nothing can be done without Him! SIM is connecting God’s people to God’s work in the world. Together we want to RESPOND to need, PROCLAIM the Gospel. and EQUIP the church.  We want to reach out and help, share the love of Jesus and later, be able to move on knowing people are ready to do the same!

The Mission:

When I get to Nigeria I will be working with a wonderful ministry called Grace Gardens. Grace Gardens is a rehabilitation/safe house for women who have been enslaved in the sex industry, whether by trafficking or prostitution. Grace Gardens not only offers a place for learning and rehabilitation but healing and restoration. God has really shaped my heart this past year for women’s ministry. Women play a vital role in the Kingdom but many of them are not hearing this truth. Instead, they are being fed the lies our Enemy would have them believe- that they are worthless, unneeded, unloved and unwanted. God has made it very clear to me that I must be one to speak out against those lies. So, I am fully anxious to meet the women called to serve as well as the women who are served at Grace Gardens. My heart is overjoyed that I get to play a small part in this beautiful ministry!!

The Plan:

After my trip mentioned above, I plan to return to Charleston, IL to build up my team of prayer partners and financial supporters and to continue my work with the Crisis Pregnancy Center of Eastern Illinois. I am really looking forward to meeting with many of you in hopes of sharing my heart and the ministry God has called me into!

How you can pray:

*Safe Travels on my trek to North Carolina. I will be doing a lot of driving! Pray for safety and sanity! 🙂

*Pray that God would use the time at SIM USA in whatever way He sees fit. I pray I come back with an even hotter passion for the charge He has put upon my heart and with a basket of knowledge I didn’t even know I needed!

*Pray for the hearts and minds of the other SIM attendees and staff and my fellow missionaries trying their hardest to get to Grace Gardens!

*Pray for the staff of Grace Gardens -that God would supply their needs and renew their bodies and minds. Pray for the women at Grace Gardens- that Jesus would meet them where they are and make Himself known in a big and mighty way.

*Will you please prayerfully consider joining my team either financially or by prayer? After all, nothing can be accomplished without the help of our Mighty God and a strong support team!

You all mean the world to me! So please let me know how I can be personally praying for you. May the Lord bless you and keep you. May He make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you.



“His word is in my heart like a fire; a fire caught up in my bones. I am weary of holding it in; Indeed, I cannot.”


  1. I read this already; maybe I’m missing it, but I don’t see where it tells how long you will be in Nigeria.

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