Addu’a = By Prayer in Hausa

For the past two weeks I have been blessed to have received training at the SIM USA campus for cross cultural missions. It has been such a fantastic time full of learning, encouragement and fun. The Home Staff does a superb job of loving on each other and new missionaries. I have been loved on, encouraged, lifted up in prayer, and blessed with small gifts every single day I have been here. It has felt a little bit like Utopia, if I might be so cheesy. One of my favorite parts of our days here was morning prayers with the home and office staff. It was always a peaceful time to partake in worship and prayer with like minded people.

Everything here has been SO great but something happened earlier this week that I just have to share. On Sunday we were given the opportunity to attend a Latino worship service at a giant church named Calvary. It was so neat and such a blessing to be able to worship the One True King with culturally different believers right here in the United States. The welcome we received was so warm and inviting, I couldn’t help but feel wanted. The congregation not only reserved a spot for us at SIM, but also provided a live translation throughout the entire service.

But that wasn’t even the coolest thing that happened that morning. At the end of the service the Minister stood at the podium and asked us to stand before the members of the service. He said then to his people, “These people have stood up with the desire and the resolve to say, ‘Yes, God, I will go.’ ” And as he spoke on the importance of the capital ‘C’ Church body, he asked his parishioners, “Who among you will join them by committing them to the Lord by prayer this week and beyond?” Without waiting even one human moment, over half the people in that room stood up. And what was so powerful was that they didn’t stand up out of obligation. It was very obvious that the people standing were standing because they wanted to join us. They wanted to be a part of who we are and what God has called us to. They stood with puffed out chests, broad shoulders and a stiff upper lip. It was as if they were preparing for a fight. It was as if they were unable to stay in their seats, like they had seen the injustice of the places we were headed and could no longer stay silent. They had to stand.

SIM’s motto is “By Prayer”. Which can be said to mean, being radically dependent on God. So Sunday, as I spun around to look in the face of every person willing to join us, I couldn’t help but see the strength of God and the power of our conversations with Him. This journey God has called me in to cannot be done of my own strength and fortitude. If it could or if I try, I will fail. And furthermore, the mission that Christ has lain on my heart and the hearts of fellow missionaries cannot be completed without strong partners of prayer willing to lift us up to the Father everyday.

These next few months, I will be seeking and praying that God will raise up a large number of partners to join my team, led by God the Father, that would be willing to support me either by prayer or financials. Specifically, today, what I would like to impress upon your heart, is that you would prayerfully consider becoming one of my desired 200 Prayer Partners. If you are interested in joining this team please jump over to my “By Prayer” page and shoot me an email!

Below is the group of missionaries I have been blessed to get to know and train with these past two weeks. One dear and special friend is not pictured for security purposes.


Later this afternoon we will all be parting ways and beginning the next steps of our ministries: developing relationships to better the Kingdom and the ministries God has put upon our hearts. So, friends and family, when you’re lifting up your fellow brothers and sisters, please remember these hearts and lives as well. These are the faces of godly children saying, “Yes!” to the Almighty One. These are the faces of people allowing the work of our God to come before the comforts of this world. These are the faces of people who have the heart of the Father. Remember them; because no Kingdom work can be accomplished without the Father. And nothing can be done without you.

“Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.” – 1 Corinthians 12:27

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