A Night Full of Blessings

A Night for Nigeria turned into A Night Full of Blessings! The Lord poured Himself out on us in a such a sweet way. It was wonderful to see people so excited about a ministry I am so incredibly passionate about. Here a just a few pictures for those who couldn’t make it out!

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Hope Community Church of Rensselaer, Indiana hosted the event and recently named me one of their monthly supported missionaries! It was SO neat to see them stick that orange pin on the map!

One With Nigeria coffee mugs and handmade Africa ornaments were for sale to help support my One Time Needs goal. We still have some of these left! Contact me if you are interested in purchasing one or both of these items!



photo 1

So many desserts! Desserts in every color, flavor, shape, size and nutrient!

This was my favorite area 😉



A slideshow of Grace Garden’s residents played while my incredibly talented brother and I sang “Called Me Higher” by All Song & Daughters.


The Lord’s ministry of Grace Gardens is something I am incredibly passionate about and, I believe, the Lord is incredibly passionate about. It was so exciting to be able to share it with new and old friends! I was honored to see so many faces willing to listen to what God has called me into!


I hadn’t seen the ladies below in such a long time! Two of them made a long drive with little ones in tow just to be there for me! It was so fun catching up for even just a few minutes.


Even my uncle and cousin (I’m sandwiched in between them) made the drive from Kokomo, IN to hang out with us for the night! Just a portion of our family below!


Decorations were simple and perfect- focusing on the women and children of Grace Gardens. I wanted to be sure visitors saw the faces of the very people their support helps share the Gospel with!

Each table had a picture of a resident of Grace Gardens with their story behind it. Grace Gardens houses SO many stories that scream to be told. Below is a picture of my teammate, Sarah, loving on a Grace Garden kiddo. She’s really good at it 🙂Image

A Night for Nigeria provided 7% more of my monthly need! I now have 27% of my monthly support need met! I think it is absolutely insane (and so incredibly cool) that God provided an additional 10% in a matter of just 5 days. What a testament of His goodness and faithfulness! Thank you to all who attended, helped set up, baked goodies, played in the band and prayed over the entire evening! I am grateful for everyone of you and honored to have so many of you on my team!!

Love, Meg

If you are interested in partnering with me financially follow this link to give electronically.

If you are interested in becoming a partner by prayer, you may email me your information at meg.smith@sim.org

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