A Normal Life

There are times in my life when I think I’ve really grasped an idea and then it hits me again and I REALLY get it. Like, Jesus. Jesus and I met when I was five years old but I didn’t really get Him until I was 25. I thought I knew who He was but I was SO off. Thankfully, He met me in my misconceptions and graciously showed me who He was EXACTLY, making me fall in love with Him deeper than I ever imagined. But that’s a story for another time!

The other day I was at my local bank, visiting with a very friendly teller when I was struck with a spontaneous thought that gave me such reassurance for the road ahead, “I could never live like this.”

The air conditioning was on full blast, the car arrival bell was dinging every minute, and the workers were only speaking to each other regarding business. It was a normal day in a small town bank. As I stood at the teller’s window and watched her count the bills in her left hand as she licked the tips of her fingers of her right hand, I got a chill from the current of the a/c unit I was standing directly under. That’s when it hit me. She does this every single day. Every morning she puts on dress pants, (which are arguably the most uncomfortable thing for a woman to wear), does her hair, makeup and grabs her 3 inch pumps on her way out the door to stand in a box for 8 hours counting money under a impossibly strong a/c unit.  Normal. She does “normal” everyday. It was in this moment that I really understood, again, what the Lord has been trying to tell me for many years. I was not created for normal. I can’t do normal.

Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with banking or any chosen “normal” career path, really. But there is something wrong with spending your days at a job that makes you less of the person you were called to be. Because I was not made for “normal-suburbia living” it would be wrong of me to try to live that way.

I was made for adventure. I was made for surprises. I was made for spontaneous trips to my hometown just to have coffee with a friend who needed it. I was made for late nights and early mornings of my choosing. I was made for hot, sweaty days full of hard work and finished projects that allow me to be thankful for the wind. I was made to live a life not dictated by time but people; real people and real problems. I was made to make memories not necessarily governed by my culture’s standards. I was made to make my own culture! I was made to live my life to the fullest, trusting in the One who made me and who conducted a plan for my life that will continually challenge my heart and possibly change the world. I was made for different. I was made for new.

I read a book recently that said, “Where your passion meets purpose is where your destiny lies.”  That hit me like a ton a bricks. My passion is telling the world about the redemption of Jesus and I’m just now discovering that it’s my purpose as well. Therefore, who’s to say it’s not my destiny?

There is such freedom in redemption and living the life YOU were called to live. It took me longer than I would’ve liked it to to come to that realization. But now that I have, I can fully accept I was not made for “normal”.


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