A PERSONAL Vision Statement

The Lord has called me to:

consistently run towards who I was created to be, following Jesus’ lead while He runs beside me, without hesitation or doubt; to finish the race having embodied the true intention of the Creator’s design;

allowing space and time to see the beauty of this earth, walking where God drew and experience life with the children whom He breathed into existence;

to effect positive change in the lives of broken people so that together we may see the world and the Church grow in grace, acceptance, vulnerability, justice, mercy, sacrifice, and self care;

to shepherd the hurting and the shattered to our shared Father, who knows and loves fully and perfectly;

and to accept with humility the plans He has entrusted to me, never seeking to avoid the pain, joy, sorrow or celebration that may come when I live and tell the story He has written for me;

to really live.

May I be a woman with a heart of discernment, feet of beautiful fortitude, arms of empathy, hands of grace, a tongue of kindness, eyes filtered in peace, and a mind founded in truth.


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